"The staff and the equipment is truly exceptional! Defiantly worth it!! They've changed my perspective on large chain tanning salons and made me feel like I was the most important person when servicing me. Being a member at TYH is one worth bragging!! Xoxoxo thanks so much!!"

Randi D., Yelp Reviewer

"Take me to brown town because I look like a carmel goddess. I upgraded from level 2 to 3 and just love my tanning time. They sell the best lotions too. Always clean and fun music."

Fiona, Facebook Reviewer


"I have been using the New Fit Body Wrap at the southgate location. It’s amazing! It’s an hour session that warms your body up so you can actually SWEAT OUT your fat and toxins! For those of you who are gym rats like myself it works wonders for when you want to cut and tone, better than any pills that you aren’t even sure what you are putting in your body, the infrared rays are natural and the results and awesome!"

Brenda, Facebook Reviewer

"Love this place! Always friendly service and great equipment. I really enjoy both the tanning and the red light. You can always find great coupons that make it a super value."

Rhonda, Yelp Reviewer

"I have been coming to Tan Your Hide for years, and I have never had a bad experience. The girls are always so nice and the beds are clean and well kept. The hours make it easy for people like me with crazy work/gym schedules, so I love the convenience! I'll keep coming back, wouldn't go anywhere else!"

Lindsey, Yelp Reviewer

"The customer service and knowledge of the staff is unparalleled at Tan Your Hide. The level 3 and 4 beds are always hot and tan my hide in 10-12 mins or less! Clean clean clean! This is my favorite location too, the girls are awesome!"

Susie, Yelp Reviewer

"When it says "new bulbs" on the front of the building, they weren't kidding. The stand-up booth is the best I've found in town and it is always in tip top working order as well as quite nice and clean. The gal at the front has always been super helpful also and always greets me with a smile. She always knows exactly which booth I want and for how long before I even have to tell her. Lovely place and the rates are reasonable if you sign up for a year contract and don't plan on moving."

Sonja, Yelp Reviewer

"I've been coming here for the Collagen red light therapy !! So far so good !!! It's kind of like a work out in a way! This location is huge 38 beds and very clean, I never really have to wait for the beds!!"

Veronika, Yelp Reviewer

"I've tried several different places for spray tans and Tan Your Hide is definitely the best. They use the best machines and the color lasts for about a week, if not longer. I'm pretty pale and it always comes out natural. I've gotten a few spray tans at other places where you can see the color going down the drain the next day when you take a shower - but never here! I will continue to come here, especially when they run the Groupon!"

Heather, Yelp Reviewer

"I have driven by this location for months, unsure if I wanted to tan- I know, "who doesn't want a nice tan?" Furthermore, I have read the below comments and I am floored- I feel that a lot of these folks are just out for some "free-stuff" as most of what they have written in their reviews is complete and utter fluff. Seriously, read your contracts, it's an extremely simple process. If you do not ask the questions while you are signing up then it's your own fault for getting (as most have put it) "stuck / suckered" into an agreement you are not satisfied with. If you want an honest review of this establishment, please, continue to read my review.
I finally decided to go in for more information on their packages / tanning lotions / bed choices- I'm glad I did! This place is HUGE, much larger than I imagined. The lady behind the desk was very kind and knowledgeable on all Tan Your Hide has to offer. There were a few folks in line behind me, and rather than rushing to answer my questions or shoo me to the side to help them, she kept answering my questions and walked me through the packages; I really appreciated her attentiveness.
I also inquired about tanning lotion (automatically assuming she would recommend the most expensive one), she asked what I was hoping to accomplish with my tanning visits (Vitamin D, light tan, dark tan, etc.), I told her what I was looking for and she recommended one of the more moderately priced lotions rather than the most expensive. I was really pleased that she didn't try to up-sale me simply to make a few extra dollars.
I decided on a package and she walked me to the bed I would be using. I was really pleased that towels and goggles were provided for each visit- what a relief, one less thing I have to purchase and bring with me every visit. The room was extremely clean, warm, and inviting. I immediately felt very comfortable.
If you are looking for a great tanning experience with helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly employees this is the location for you!"

Vallerie, Yelp Reviewer